Covering existing tattoos can be challenging, but with some creativity and the right design, you can achieve more than you might think!

Here are a few examples of what can be achieved.


flowers By Dee -  Before

flowers By Dee

Flowers covered by Dee

Paint style bird -  Before

Paint style bird

A small tribal coverup, turned into a gorgeous paint-style raven!

Sunflower coverup -  Before

Sunflower coverup

Dee covered this dark lower back tattoo with a gorgeous watercolour sunflower

Owl -  Before


By Dee

By Dee -  Before

By Dee

Bob marley cover up

Dee -  Before


Old wolf covered with a new owl

Coverup by Dee!!!  -  Before

Coverup by Dee!!!

Coverup by Dee 

Basketball coverup -  Before

Basketball coverup

Old tribal covered with basketball trash polka by Dee


Mechanical tribal coverup 

pirate girl cover up -  Before

pirate girl cover up

It is always a big challange covering up big dark tattoos, but it 

always possible... Was fun doing this cover..Dee

Marley Cover up -  Before

Marley Cover up

This is an example of a REALY badly done portrait, so instead of covering it up with something else,

Dee just reworked the face again, the client was delighted with the result... So dont let an old/bad tattoo,

put you off, come and see us.....

butterfly cover up -  Before

butterfly cover up

This is a cover up by Scott using some colour and not just black

retro -  Before


This customer wanted something Retro/ abstract kinda like a paint smear.

tribal cover up -  Before

tribal cover up

Another cover up by scott with a tribal

before -  Before


The original old wolf, covered by Dee

Shoulder freehand -  Before

Shoulder freehand

This tattoo was drawn freehand. Hover over the Image to see the finished tattoo.

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